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Trails & Attractions

Centrally located on the Bonavista Peninsula between Trinity and Bonavista. Guests may easily partake in all attractions on the Bonavista Peninsula.

Port Union
Port Union National Historic District is only a few minutes walk from Captain Blackmore's Heritage Manor. Guests may enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk that follows the path of the former Reid Railway Branch Line.     
     Tours are offered daily at The Factory, home of “The Fishermen’s Advocate” newspaper and a woodworking factory. Guided tours provide a glimpse into the past. Learn of the vision, courage, and dedication that was required to establish Canada’s Only Union Built Town. www.historicportunion.com
The Woman’s Institute Craft Shop is located on Route 230 at the edge of Port Union and is open from May to October. This charming log cabin hosts a collection of handmade crafts and preserves from ladies in the communities of Melrose, Port Union, Catalina, and Little Catalina. Visitors are sure to be pleased with the selection. This is also home to the Visitor Information Center.
Hiking - Murphy’s Cove and Lodge’s Pond Trail, accessible from Port Union . . . 7.7 km Loop (2.5 to 3 hours). Rated as Moderate. Costal trail with plenty of photo opportunities. There is a lookout with a view of Green Island Lighthouse at the halfway point. There is a shortcut available at Johnny House’s Garden.

Port Union is part of the Municipality of Trinity Bay North www.trinitybaynorth.com

Approximately 20 minutes drive from Captain Blackmore's Heritage Manor is Rising Tide Theatre. Since 1978, Rising Tide has offered audiences some of the finest plays and talent available in Canada. It has explored current and controversial issues on stage, rejuvenated and modernized classics, and created plays which portray the culture and character of Newfoundland and Labrador. www.risingtidetheatre.com
Trinity is home to several attractions and restaurants. The Green Family Forge, Trinity Pageant and Hiscock House Provincial Historic Site are a few favorites.
Hiking - Skerwink Trail, accessible from Trinity East . . . 5.3 km Loop (2 hours). Rated as Easy to Moderate. Coastal trail provides opportunities to photograph whales, icebergs, eagles and seabirds, as well as spectacular sea stacks.

New Bonaventure
New Bonaventure is home to the Random Passage Film Set. Preserved from the TV mini-series Random Passage, the site portrays life in an early 1800's fishing station. Guided tours are scheduled from mid-May to mid-October. www.randompassagefilmset.com
Hiking - Kerley’s Harbour/British Harbour Trail, accessible from New Bonaventure. Kerley’s Harbour . . . 2 km Linear (40 Minutes). Rated as Easy to Moderate. Continue on further to British Harbour . . . 6 km (2 to 3 hours). Rated as Moderate to Difficult. Walk the cartroad established several hundred years ago to Kerley’s Harbour. Then hike the remaining four kilometer hike through barrens, wetlands and dense forest to British Harbour.
Hiking - Fox Island Trail, accessible from Champney’s West . . . 3 km Loop (1 Hour). Rated as Easy to Difficult (steep climb up to Fox Island). Fox Island is connected to the mainland by an isthmus. The trail crosses the isthmus and proceeds to the summit of the headland 35 meters above sea level.

Maberly and Elliston
Hiking - Little Catalina to Maberly Trail, the trailhead is accessed from both communities of Little Catalina or Maberly . . . 17 km Linear (4 to 5 Hours) featuring coastline. Rated as Moderate to Difficult. This is for the enthusiastic hiker. At Captain Blackmore's we will assist you at the drop off or pick up so you can do the entire trail without having to double back. Take along binoculars, because Maberly is home to Bird Island.
Hiking - Klondike Trail, accessible from Elliston North or Spillars Cove . . . 5 km Linear (1.5 Hours) featuring an old branch line that connected the towns. Rated as Easy to Moderate.     
Elliston is the Root Cellar Capital of the World, boasting guided tours of the root cellars, festivals, municipal park and beautiful Sandy Cove Beach. www.townofelliston.ca

Kings Cove
Hiking - King’s Cove Lighthouse trail, on Route 235... 1.7 km, Inner Loop (45 minutes). Rated as Easy, only 3.5 km, Outer Loop (1.5 Hours), Rated as Moderate. Spectacular costal scenery, remarkable geological sequences and a glimpse of a unique history.

     Bonavista has much to offer its visitors. Tour the Lighthouse at the Cape, board John Cabot’s vessel, the Matthew, visit the Ryan Premises or Mockbeggar Plantation.

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