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Restoration Process

The home was designed by
J. Vincent. This picture was taken
in the mid-1960s. Captain Blackmore's
two eldest sons, George and Fred, also
built homes on the property. Part of
George Blackmore's home is visible on
the right side of the photograph.
Captain Blackmore's Heritage Manor
was completed in 1926. The home
took at least two years to build.
Captain John Hann Blackmore was a
very capable ship builder; however,
he hired carpenters to build his home.
The home was vacant for several
years. In May 2001, the supports
and platform were built for the
veranda. The room above had
dropped over 5 inches. The
original door has been restored.
The eave supports are unique.
Specifics are drawn as part of the
architect’s drawings

The original home had a chimney
through the centre of the home.
For safety concerns and esthetics,
this has been removed. The mantle
was salvaged and is now featured in
the Ocean View Room.
Unfortunately, while the house
was vacant the home was vandalized.
Antique furniture has been salvaged
and is scheduled for restoration.
Historical documents have also been
put in storage for future display.

The staircase to the top floor
has been modified to a curved
staircase to increase accessibility.
There were three single dormers
in the original home. There was
no window facing the ocean. We
have built in four dormers, two
of which are double wide.

The top floor is now used as the
owners’ private suite.
Garry and Shelly have worked
side by side throughout the restoration.
Minimal contract work was conducted.
Shingling was completed in
September 2002.
The small porch was removed
and we were inspired to create
a comfortable place where we
could see the ocean. The 10’ x
30’ addition has been divided
between the Ocean View Room and
laundry room.
The clapboard was started in
September 2002.
During the construction phase
we realized the ocean view must
be visible while seated. The
window frames were adjusted to
lower the windows and a row of
small windows were added above.

February 14, 2003. We installed
three storm doors during a storm.
A peek at the space made
available by reinstating the dormers.
Easter Week 2003. All insulation
was removed. Preparation was made for the
addition of a private ensuite for each room.
By Spring 2003, only the
balcony rail and window trims were
required. We then focused our
attention on rebuilding the interior
and in June 2005, Captain Blackmore's
Heritage Manor received its first B&B guest.

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Captain Blackmore's Heritage Manor
Owners: Garry and Shelly Blackmore
Hosts: Garry and Shelly Blackmore
Box 100, Port Union, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada A0C 2J0
Telephone: 1-877-469-2920
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